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Love Every Shake!!!

The following is a review from a former human biology lab partner Joesph G., from Yorktown, TX:

8/12/2010 Thu. 17:09-C; from *****,

Hey bro,

Just got your pack n the mail. I’ll give it a look about and get back with you. Later JOEG

8/15/2010 Sun. 10:49-C;from *****,

Hey J, I got to say really liking this thing, still sore from my workout last night.

8/27/2010 Fri. 18:21-C;from *****,

Ok man here your review:

First, I have to say that the Shake Weight for Men is an awesome tool to have. I recieved one from my buddy Juan that I met at Texas State in San Marcos,TX. Juan sent me a Shake Weight for Men, and a copy of his ebook he is working on. I have been using the Shake Weight for Men for almost two weeks.

Ever since I’ve beenĀ  using this thing I have noticed a huge difference in my tone and strength for just two weeks worth of work. I’ve lost almost 2lbs, and my wife says I’m looking “more fit” and my shoulder hasn’t been as sore after workouts compared to free weights and machines.

My only complaint though is that the weight is set. I know the faster you go the more of a workout, but I wish you could have a better way of gauging strength increases. I wish their were some type of adjuster knob, but your still getting an awesome workout no matter how strong you are.

The workouts Juan provides are instrumental in building up physical fitness. I could barely get through the first few, without feeling like dying, but now my strength and stamina are building up I am ready to move up to step set 2. I love my Shake Weight for Men, and have already recommended it to several co-workers and they love it (I take it to work, for when I have downtime).

Alright bro, Thanks Again, and I’ll let you post a picture when I have been using this longer. I don’t want scrawny pics of me on the internet.JOEG


Surpassing Ordinary, Above and Beyond

Hello and thank you for visiting Shake Weight For Men Reviews, First let me start off by introducing myself, my name is Juan David. I am a 25 year-old student at Texas State University in San Marcos. I will be graduating this May(2011) with a bachelor’s degree in Human Health and Management, with a Trauma Health and Management Training Instructor Coordination pending.

I have a very big passion for physical fitness. It was originally my major, but changed shortly after the beginning of junior year. I still have an inspiring idea to one day own and operate a physical fitness and recreation center. My passion for physical fitness and human studies has kept me update on a lot of the current events involving physical fitness.

Well last summer I did an internship with a certified recreation coordinator from my home town. Her job, create and maintain physical fitness training regimens for 46 individuals, at 24-hour group home of adults with developmental disabilities.

The coordinator saw an ad for the Shake Weight For Men and had an idea to implement itĀ  into the daily fitness routines she designed. Using the Shake Weight for Men allowed her to help her clients complete a very extensive workout very easily, that required no special training to use. This made teaching her P.E. classes much easier. After three months of using Shake Weight for Men with her clients she received and award for Above and Beyond Dedication. She received this award for not only creating and tailoring specific targeted exercises, but all of the participants combined lost a total of 396 pounds in 62 days. This was with only the males in her class which is a combined number of 24. She has a class of females with a size of 12.

When I arrived she had just received permission to buy 20 Shake Weights for Women. I assisted her in developing some of the training programs for the female population, and made modifications to the male routines as well. This allowed us to provide the participants with a healthier outlook on life, with a simple Shake Weight. After learning so much from this wonderful lady ( I’ve haven’t forgotten Her name, she pleads to remain anonymous.) I choose to buy a Shake Weight for Men, and begin developing my own Shake Weight for Men workouts.

Follow me on my journey to show you how wonderful and effective the Shake Weight for Men and the Shake for Women really are. If you don’t believe me keep on reading.